Our Competitive Advantage

We at Atlantic Commodities own the necessary underlying supply and storage facilities, land transport and shipping fleet, to obtain a competitive ability and advantage on prices and costs provided to our clients.

In this regard we are pleased to introduce our latest acquisition, Atlantic Cargo Railway cars for the transportation of all grains from production sites to all ports. These covered Hopper-bottom railway cars, will make moving grains much faster in addition to all advantages embedded with the automated loading and unloading facilities.

Our Land and Maritime transportation network and all facilities are reliable, efficient, and safe. Our existing ship fleet consists of three major Bulk Carrier ships size used to accumulate and store grain for bulk shipment.

And with the ownership of our in-house storage and distribution capabilities we guarantee our clients the optimized and minimum costs and time supply.

Our total Silos capacity exceeds 420'000 MT and our total storage capacity is of more than 88'000 square meters in both Middle East and Black Sea Area.



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